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Trendy Tablecloths for Stylish Kitchens

Decorating your apartment at Savannah Midtown is all about sleek, modern style. Surprisingly, today's tablecloths fit that description. Trendy prints and fabrics have helped revive the tablecloths of years past, and they're not just for kitchen tables anymore. Here's what you need to know to incorporate today's classy tablecloth into your contemporary decor.  1. Linen Is King…

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Bring Your Home to Life Using Geometric Designs

Geometrics bring a modern, fresh appeal to a living space, even to the lovely apartments at Savannah Midtown, but there are rules for using them. Done well, they're uplifting and add tons of visual interest. But if you're too heavy-handed on the geometrics, or if you don't understand exactly how to use them, you can create…

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Blush, the Go-To Design Color of 2019

What color is blush? If you're thinking of rosy cheeks, red from embarrassment, you're a tad off the mark. Blush is the lightest of pinks, the softest of colors, and it has a subtle undertone of tan if you look closely enough.  Why would anyone want to paint their walls a shade of pink? Studies…

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