How to Brighten Your Home With Mirrors

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Presidential Towers Living RoomDecorating with mirrors adds visual interest to your space — and draws in natural light while creating an expansive effect. Here are five creative ways to use mirrors to brighten your home.

Accent Pieces

Mirrored accent pieces are a simple way to uplift the look of your space. A mirrored tissue holder on a bathroom shelf, for example, beautifully reflects light. Could your bedroom use a touch of pizzaz? Place a lamp with a mirrored base on your dresser to enhance the room’s ambiance. A mirrored vase placed on a bookshelf adds an element of chic style to your living room.


Mirrored furniture such as a console table with a mirrored top makes an eye-catching statement beside your entryway. Or, put a nightstand with a mirrored exterior in your bedroom for a charming accent piece. Do you want an ultra-glam look in your dressing area? Go with a vanity with mirrored drawers for a luxurious look.

Gallery Wall

Create a gallery wall using mirrors of different shapes, sizes, and colors. Not only will you open up the space, but it’s a great way to add a pop of color and texture to your home. A hallway can be a perfect place to arrange a collection of decorative mirrors. 

Oversized Mirror

Give your home an energizing boost with a large mirror that has a stylish frame. You can simply prop it against a wall for an artistic effect. Whether you choose a gilt gold frame or one with a sleek minimalist look, an oversized mirror beautifully highlights any area of your home.

Room Partitions

Do you want to divide up a room to create a reading nook or a space for meditation? Using a mirrored room partition is a great way to construct a private area while ensuring an open look. If an area of your home feels cramped, a mirrored room partition can create the illusion of a more expansive space.

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