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Are you a person who loves to iron? If so, you’ll probably love ironing in your Savannah Apartment. These ironing tips will make it even more enjoyable to iron all of your clothes. Of course, the first thing you’ll need is a sturdy ironing board and a good quality iron. After that, keep the following things in mind.

How to Iron Pleats

Pleats can be very tricky to iron. The first thing that you should always do is to make sure that you iron on the wrong side of the fabric. This will ensure that you don’t accidentally damage the fabric. Next, use your fingers to hold the pleats in place as you iron. Press the tip of the iron into the top of the pleat gather. Then, use gentle downward strokes to press the pleat into place.

How to Iron a Shirt

First, the shirt should still be a little bit damp. If it isn’t, you can use a spray bottle of distilled water to dampen the shirt. The first thing on the shirt that should be ironed is the cuffs. Next, iron the inside of the sleeves and then turn them over and do the outside. Just put the shirt on the ironing board and move on to iron the inside of the collar. Next, iron the yoke, the part that sits on your shoulders. Finally, iron the entire front of the shirt, being careful to iron around, not over the buttons. The last step is to iron the back of the shirt. Hang it up carefully, and it’ll be ready for when you want to wear it!

Care for Your Iron

The key to quality ironing is to make sure that you always take good care of your iron. Never use tap water inside your iron. Instead, fill it with distilled water when you want to do steam ironing. Always empty out your iron before you put it away; never let water sit in the reservoir. Allow your iron to cool completely before storing it. 

These ironing tips will help you get the most joy out of all of your ironing tasks. If you would like to see available floor plans for apartments in Savannah, please contact us!

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