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AquariumAtlanta is a modern, exciting city that offers a huge variety of entertainment as well as cultural and educational activities. The city has great historical significance and also has a sharp eye toward the future. As a designated world city, Atlanta is among those cities on the forefront of the arts, science, and industry. The Fernbank Museum of Natural History provides an excellent venue for residents of apartments in Atlanta to experience the scientific wonders of the natural world. Oceans: Our Blue Planet 3D is just one of the many fascinating exhibits you'll find there.

Life Beneath the Waves

Recent advances in science and technology allow deeper exploration into the mysterious world existing below the surface of the ocean, and this 45-minute film offers an entrancing glimpse into that reality. You'll get a 3D view of a little-known creature called the tusk fish that uses a tool to open the shells of the crustaceans it eats as well as a species of octopus that cunningly uses discarded shells of other sea creatures as a shield against predators. You'll also see spectacular views of coral reefs while learning about their unique ecosystem, schools of dolphins, whales in their natural habitat and other extraordinary sights of the deep sea not seen before by the average citizen. 

The Venue

The giant, four-story screen at the Fernbank Museum of Natural History provides an ideal venue for this entrancing adventure into the undersea world—the giant screen experience makes viewers feel as if they're really there. Showtimes are available throughout the day as well as in the evening as a part of the Fernbank After Dark program that runs from June until October.

The Fernbank Museum of Natural History is located in the northeastern part of Atlanta on Clifton Road. Normal museum hours are 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. daily, excluding special events and holidays. 

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