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day trips are available as you shop for apartments in Savannah, GA, make sure you add the Historic Fourth Ward Park to your list. Located in Atlanta, The Historic Fourth Ward Park sits on the site of the old Ponce de Leon amusement park. It covers approximately 17 acres in two separate sections. While there, you will want to spend time exploring the many fun amenities the park has to offer.


You’ll find it next to the aerator fountain and pond called the Clear Creek Basin. From regular shows to weekly yoga classes, the amphitheater serves as a central landmark for the park. When you are meeting people there, all you need to say is go to the amphitheater next to the pond. It’s a beauty you can’t miss.


It is probably the most notable feature of the Historic Fourth Ward Park. Opened in 2011 by legendary skate champion Tony Hawk, the skate park covers 15,000 square feet of land inside the park. It offers a cement environment for smooth skating and comes with plenty of curbs, bowls and mounds to keep things interesting. There are four separate areas to skate in, each one designed by the local skateboard community. You can access the skate park from the Eastside trail. If you move into the area, you’ll love destressing and skating here.


While your day away from Savannah, GA, make sure to explore the area right behind the Historic Fourth Ward Park. The Ponce City Market adds to your list of fun things to do. The market comes complete with a food hall for those who prefer a restaurant meal to a picnic lunch. There you’ll find everything from oysters to sliders to martinis. Visit the eclectic boutiques that make up the mall, then head up for some Putt Putt golf on the roof of the market.

The Historic Fourth Ward Park is expanding all the time, so each visit has the potential to offer something new. Call us today to find out more about Savannah apartment opportunities and things to do in the area.

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